THE PUG The   origin   of   the   Pug   as   a   dog   breed   probably   begins   a   long   time   ago   in   ancient   China,   although   it certainly   did   not   look   the   same   as   today's   Pugs.   Dogs   known   as   "short   mouthed"   dogs   are   described   in writings   that   date   to   around   600   years   BC   and   were   likely   the   forerunners   of   todays   modern   breed   that we   call   the   Pug.      Emperor   Kang   Hsi,   about   950   AD,   commissioned   a   dictionary   of   all   the   Chinese characters,   and   in   it   there   are   two   references   that   could   be   describing   the   Pug:   "dogs   with   short   legs" and   "a   dog   with   a   short   head".      By   the   1300s   there   were   three   separate   types   of   dogs   that   are identifiable   as   founders   of   breeds   of   today:   the   Pekingese,   the   Japanese   Spaniel,   and   the   Pug.      It   wasn't until   the   end   of   the   1500s   and   early   1600s   that   China   began   trading   with   European   countries   such   as Portugal, Spain, Holland and England
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Duke is an beautiful Pug.  He is smaller in size (about 27 lbs), has a very nice build and is just a beautiful color. Duke is a playful, very cuddly dog, and like Jackson, and quite the little clown.  He loves to touch you with his muzzle and has a wonderful disposition.  Duke is very social, non-aggressive and gets along famously with not only our other dogs, but any dog he meets.  We absolutely love Duke.