We are located in Vancouver, Washington just North of Portland, Oregon on the Oregon / Washington border. AT PUGGLESVILLE WE BELIEVE IN OLD FASHIONED QUALITY We raise quality puppies and give them quality care, as well as providing impeccable customer service, and convenience, to ensure you a quality experience in buying a pet!
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AT PUGGLESVILLE WE ALWAYS STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE We comply with all state, county, and city rules and regulations concerning animal care and record keeping. We use a state of the art kennel management software program to vaccinate, deworm and bathe your puppy to ensure that everything possible has been done to provide you with a quality, healthy puppy. At Pugglesville we provide quality customer service!
SHIPPING As of June 18, 2018, the airlines have all now put a moratorium on what they consider "brachycephalic" (short-nosed) breeds, or their offspring The Puggle falls into this category. This has effectively shut down our ability to transport our Puggles to Puggle buyers that are not local, unless we fly them there in-cabin, and then fly back. There would be a fee involved. All puppies are allowed in-cabin. The most likely scenario now is the Puggle buyer flying to PDX, and/or driving to our home, to get their puppy. The cost would not be appreciably more than my flying your puppy to you would have been, and most airlines allow them in cabin at 8 weeks. In cabin transportation prices are entirely dependent on the airline. Puppies not picked up or scheduled within 7 days of turning 8 weeks of age will be subject to a $30.00 per day kenneling fee.
WE ARE ALWAYS JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY We will be corresponding by phone and you will know all the flight information and where and when to pick your puppy up, and we will be able to answer any other questions you have. This way you are getting personal one on one communication from us. WE ACCEPT PAYPAL! We accept PayPal for your convenience so you can pay with any major credit card and have a record for your files.
AT PUGGLESVILLE WE STRIVE FOR YOUR SATISFACTION There are several breeds, and puppies, to choose from that will make fine pets, but we really recommend that you shop around while choosing your new pet because it is very important to us that you find the right one, and are satisfied with your choice. We don't think you will find a more quality pet, or service, though, than buying your pet through us. That's why we have a one year guarantee! WWW.PUGGLESVILLE.COM Good luck! Sincerely, The Pugglesville Family
P.S. It is best to put a deposit down as soon as possible after you are notified of availability to hold your puppy because we work on a first come, first serve basis. We do have an "Interested Parties" list though that you can add your name to in case all of the puppies are sold when you return to our website.