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"We are having so much fun with our new little one. He has already learned the sit and stay commands. He has caught on very quickly to potty training. He does not cry at all at night. We sleep very peacefully with the occasional potty break. Many of these traits are thanks to you Pugglesville. Thank you very much. When we found you we definitely found the right breeder!" Kasey - Eugene, OR
"Our Puggle, Max, is such an awesome dog, and everybody that meets him absolutely falls in love with him. Thanks Pugglesville!" Allaire - Vancouver, WA
We were extremely fortunate to get one of Eva's females "Eleanor" from Eva's first litter, and we have been nothing but pleased with her! She is the BEST dog for anyone thinking about a puggle. Perfect size, super loving, they are just the best. We are seriously considering getting another puggle from Pugglesville. Lisa & Kenny Hillsboro, OR
"Thank you Pugglesville for the solid foundation you built for our little Lucy, Brandy’s first born. She is the most loving, cuddling, and cutest pup we’ve ever had. Lucy adores her big sister, Libby, our 5 year old chocolate lab. Lucy also enjoys meeting other dogs, loves children, and gets along great with our two cats. At 5 months she weighs 17 lbs. and loves the healthy treats we’ve tried with her while training (banana, carrot, a yogurt or peanut butter lick, and apples are among her favorites). We love her so much!! Thank you again for your care in raising our little girl." Steve and Jennifer – Spokane, WA
Pugglesville, I'm happy to report that Bob is excellent! He is so smart. He's learned several tricks and we completed the 1st round of obedience school which i'd like to continue with and maybe do some agility so he can burn off some energy. Bob is exactly the kind of companion we wanted. Not only physically (he is absolutely beautiful) but he has so much personality. What a character. He loves the walks downtown by the lake and loves to run. Although he is crate trained and house broken he sleeps with us at night so i think we need a bigger bed (he takes his half out of the middle lol). Thank you Pugglesville for breeding such beautiful and lovable puppies. Valerie and Jim - Idaho ---UPDATE--- I'm writing because Bob turns 2 years old today!! We wanted to give you an update. We bought a house in Greer, SC. about a year ago. We have a large fenced yard that Bob just loves to play fetch in. We're in a nice residential area where Bob loves to take our afternoon walks everyday (when it's not too hot). We have a local dog park that separates large and small dogs, which we love, and Bob just has such a great time we can't even say the word "park" without him getting excited. He loves all other dogs and I could just watch him run and play all day long. He was very easily trained because he is sooo smart (housebreaking was never even an issue even when he was a puppy). He learned behavior commands and several tricks, however I continued with obedience classes to keep him socialized and he just loves to go to be around all the other dogs. He recently completed his CGC (canine good companion) training and passed the test so we can take him into hospitals and nursing homes, but we haven't done any of that yet. We just wanted to let you know how well he's doing 2 years later and to thank you so much for our beautiful well balanced baby!!! He is absolutely gorgeous and the best companion we ever could have wished for. thank you for everything. Valerie and Jim - South Carolina