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Pugglesville, "Lola never ceases to create a joyful presence in my life, and my family's life. She is very busy these days, with going to puppy romp every Sunday, where she fearlessly wrestles with puppies twice, and three times her size. I take her to work with me at the "beach puppy" boutique in seaside, where she is gaining quite a reputation as the gracious, and gregarious hostess, and ambassador for not only the shop, but for Puggles as well! She is very playful all her waking hours, yet loves to quietly greet shy dogs, and has sharp instincts socially not to be "pushy", just accepting, and curious. Her favorite fan, and best friend, is Roxie our 4 year old Weimaraner. They sleep together quite often (see photo), and play endlessly. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into all your puppies - it has certainly paid off for our family. We met another Pugglesville puppy at the dog park yesterday. She is almost a year old, and her name is Eleanor. She and Lola had a great time together and her family is just as thrilled with her as we are with Lola". Susan - forest grove, Oregon
Dear Pugglesville, I just wanted to thank you for everything. The addition of Cooper to my life has made me the happiest person. He's such an amazing dog and I have you to thank. I have been telling everyone about what a great service you provide and everyone agrees that you guys go above and beyond. You'd be happy to know that Cooper is the most popular dog at the Vet. I have been several times now for his vaccinations and they get excited every time to see his name on the schedule. They drop everything they are doing and come play with him. I have also converted my parents into dog people. My dad never wanted a dog while I was growing up, but the minute he met Cooper he fell in love. Now, when I go visit my parents, Cooper always falls asleep on his lap. He really is the best puppy. I am lucky to have him and I am lucky to have been put in contact with Pugglesville. I need to thank Paul & Oscar for referring you guys. Thank you for everything, Nick & Cooper - Westchester NY
Pugglesville, Sonny is doing amazingly! He has mastered sit, down, jump, crawl and stay! He is beautiful, we get so many compliments, but more importantly so much fun with the best personality. He's a snuggler and a runner, the perfect mix. When we go to the dog park you can tell how well socialized he is. Thank you for your hard work, we have a great dog! Dane and Erin - Kirkland, WA
Dear Pugglesville, I came to Pugglesville on August 17th and picked up our puppy Zoey. She is a healthy girl. She is very smart and has bonded really well with my kids. She has a special bond with my son in particular. She is definitely my son's dog and they are best friends. She whines if he goes outside without her and will stand on to see out the window to see where he is. She sleeps with him every night. She has completed potty training and now either scratches on the front door or comes and gets one of the kids to let them know she is needing their help. She is learning how to walk on the leash without yanking it and leading us around. Thanks for Zoey, she truly is a part of the family. She will be going to the beach for the first time on the 16th of this month. Sincerely, Rachel, Zack, Isabelle and Zoey
Hi Pugglesville! I wanted to take the time to let you know I absolutely love our new Puggle Koa. He is such a sweet and playful puppy. Koa has been so good about letting us know when he needs to go potty by standing in front of the door and I'm happy to report he is able to sleep through the night. Koa is just so cuddly and cute and I'm so happy he's in our lives. When people ask me where I got him from I'm proud to let them know that we got him from Pugglesville. I'm so glad Koa came from a loving family who cares about the puppies' well being. Koa has a brother Moloa (English bulldog) and I can definitely tell he is happy having a buddy with him while we are at work. He used to whine when we left him, but he doesn't now that Moloa is here to keep him company. It is so funny and cute watching them play. Thanks again Pugglesville. Shalini & Chris - Beaverton, OR
Pugglesville, Thank you so much for blessing us with Weber! She's brought us more joy than we ever anticipated. Hope all is well. Ashley and Steve