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Pugglesville, These days, sometimes breeders are stigmatized, especially with the allure and the moral smug that comes from adopting a “pound pup.” Good for those kind people, but if I’m investing in a life partner I want to mold it, and socialize it, from the start. Pugglesville is the way to go. Each pup is born into an atmosphere thick with love and health and good people. Their transparency is wonderful with picture updates every week and an incredibly intuitive website, with clear communication and a highly systematized end transaction. It all fosters an atmosphere of trust, which is critical in selecting a breeder. Ultimately, though, it comes down to the dog. Puggles are the best of both breeds overflowing with the pure, unadulterated pug-love (without the breathing issues) and the Beagle’s zest for life. I can’t walk out in public without being stopped every ten feet or so from some dewy-eyed, cooing stranger. Objectively speaking here, Puggles are the cutest. I’ve never known a greater truth. Sage has the classic head-tilt down to a “T”, sleeps sprawled on her back and has nailed the art of snuggling. After two weeks she already knows basic commands and has a decent hold on potty training. From the moment I locked eyes with Sage, I knew she was the one, and I’m confident that every experience would be just as magical for any other Pugglesville patron. Becca, Seattle, WA
Pugglesville, I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with Bonsai. She is adapting well and learning fast. She is still not the best at potty training but understands the concept. She is very smart and uses it against us all the time! :) She is a very spoiled, very loved puppy and we already can't live without her! I just wanted to say thanks again for the perfect puggle puppy and send you some pictures. She loves her two kitties and they all cuddle together at night. Emma, Seattle, WA
Pugglesville, I just wanted to send you some updated photos of Cooper and tell you how happy I am to have him in my life! I couldn't have asked for a better dog. He is playful, sweet, smart and loyal. My life would not be the same without him! I can not stress how much I love him. Everywhere we go people think he is adorable. He is being protective. He has several playmates at the building that I live in. We have puppy play dates dates pretty much daily. I just wanted to thank the people that made it possible for Cooper to be in my life. Eventually I would like to get a full time playmate for him, hopefully from a future litter of yours. Thanks again, Cindy - Tacoma, WA
Pugglesville, David and I are the proud parents of the eighth wonder "Bostin", a female Puggle from Pugglesville. We picked her up in March from Pugglesville, and to this day, are amazed at how much we love this addition to our family. From day one, Bostin has brought nothing but entertainment, humor, and love into our lives. She's such a happy people dog, and loves to greet visitors at the door when they come. We've had so much fun watching her grow and develop into the young lady Puggle she is today. Every person she's met has fallen in love with her instantly. I must say, David and I spoil her rotten. She sleeps in the bed with us every night. We talk all the time about how lucky we are to have Bostin in our lives. She's there to cheer us up after a long day at work, and her loving "sloppy" kisses are out of control. We can't thank you enough for her, and strongly encourage any future Puggle owners to go through Pugglesville. Thank you again! Marra and David - Hillsboro, OR
Pugglesville, My puggle puppy Dexter has brought such joy to my life. Not only is he adorable (it takes us forever to go anywhere because he gets so much attention), but he is also incredibly smart. He learned sit, down, shake and high-five by the time he was 10 weeks. He is doing very well in his puppy pre-school classes and loves wrestling with, and chasing, other pups at the dog park. Full of energy and mischief, Dex loves his bath and playing in the water - he even jumped into the pond at the dog park to try and catch a duck (no such luck)! He is a total delight and I can't thank you enough for the care, attention and time that you gave him during the first weeks of his life. Everyone should be so lucky to have such a wonderful dog! Lots of love, Amanda - Vancouver, BC
Pugglesville, Good Gravy, He is cute! Thank you for your well spent time with him, he is well socialized, and such a good natured fellow. Right from when we picked him up at the airport! He was well adjusted and happy to see anyone who went by his little crate. Even now he goes to his little crate when his is done playing for a wee nap. Thank you! We are so happy with Enzo! Kim & Tony UPDATE ___ Thank you again! Enzo is a pretty amazing boy. He has excelled at kinderpuppy. We are just thrilled with him! He is very well socialized and loves to rough house with the big puppies in his class. We are fortunate to have a little guy who is the epitome of the puggles we read about. Playful, well mannered, smart, and sleeps until noon! Thank you again for such a great addition to our family. Kim & Tony - Trail BC